Fire Circle Gatherings take place all across the globe.  This is just a partial listing of ones I know of directly, either through attending myself, or having people I know attend.

Burning Man
Probably the largest fire festival known to man. Held in the northern Nevada desert, in late August.

Concious Collaborations Events
Here you will find more detailed information about up-coming events that CC is involved in sponsoring. (Primarly East Coast & Mid-Atlantic events.)

Dark Skies
Dark Skies is a 4-day art themed event, featuring a display of art, performance, music, and fire. Dark Skies is also the Las Vegas regional Burn for Burning Man fans. Held in the desert outside of Las Vegas, usually in mid-May.

Fire Tribe Hawaii 
Fire Tribe Hawaii gatherings are multi-night, participant-created festivals celebrating the timeless magic of the dark-to-dawn fire circle, where we manifest our prayers and dreams through artful play. Events are in Hawaii (Oahu), held around the summer and winter solstice dates.

Forestdance Festival
Sacred Fire Circle events held in Massachusetts (September) and Costa Rica (February). You are invited to come and co-create with us. Fire, magic, mystery, life, timelessness, transmutation...

Gaia Fire, CA
Are you thinking ahead to spring, the beauty of our green Earth and the joys of celebrating the glorious Beltane season with your beloveds around the all-night sacred fire? Let the sweet sounds of the drum, the flow of dance, the beauty of the voice, and your love of being in community bring you to ecstasy this year as you join us for GaiaFire: a week-long celebration of peace, love and community magic in April, located at Gaia's Oasis in the beautiful Sierra foothills south of Yosemite, CA.

Phoenix Fire
Phoenix Fire is an annual gathering located in the redwood forests of the beautiful Santa Cruz, CA. In community, a sacred place is created for deep play and powerful transformation. The gathering is oriented around participating in three nights of all-night intentional Fire Circles where shamanic and traditional paths join together to work in Sacred Space. Held in early August.

Rites of Spring
A large gathering of around 500 people in Western Massachusetts. Offerings include an extensive listing of workshops on almost any topic, along with dancing the Maypole and other rituals, and a Feast for everyone.  Has been running for over 30 years, held on Memorial Day weekend each May.

SoCal Fire
SoCal Sacred Fire invites you to participate in late June for a weekend of fire circle ritual, drumming, dancing, singing, chanting, art, prayer, healing, transformation and community sharing. Together under the starry night sky we shall weave a web of positive intention in sacred space around an all night fire, coming together in voice, drum, dance, and service.

Spirit Fire Festival
SpiritFire Festival is a five-day fire circle festival retreat held in New Lebanon, NY (near Pittsfield, MA), celebrating life and spirit through the pathways of music, movement, voice, Seva, and the Mysteries.  Happens in late July.

A large Pagan festival (1000 people) in Sherman, New York, held in July.  Large bonfire on the last night, as well as drumming around a fire every night throughout the week.  Also workshops, vendors, musical entertainment, and more.

Summer Fest
Held in late July /early August in the magical mountains of Montana, this community gathers for workshops and all-night fire circle transformation. Organized by Mountain Moon Circle.

Small gathering in Oregon, directly influenced by Starwood.

Wisteria Summer Solstice
A gathering in June, held in Southern Ohio. Blending the Earth-loving, Magical and Fantastic for seven days of blissful entertainment, camping, celebration, fire circles, awareness, and eco-education.

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